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October 17, 2021 (2 months ago)
Friday Night Funkin

Android 4.4

Friday Night Funkin APK is a music game with xinh tươi witty graphics and extremely entertaining gameplay. If you want khổng lồ have truly relaxing moments on a Mobile game, this is absolutely for you!

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Friday Night Funkin: Let’s fly & rock!

Friday Night Funkin: Let’s fly và rock!

The very first rhythm game has a story ever

Friday Night Funkin is not simple as you see on the poster. It is exactly the wittiest humorous music I’ve sầu ever played!

And surprisingly, it also has a storyline và cannot be played immediately like other music games. With such a special difference, no matter what the next steps are going to be, I must mark it an A+!


And now I will tell you the simplithành phố of the game. The game equips players with WASD buttons khổng lồ navigate on the right-h& side of the screen. You just need to lớn touch the buttons lớn “catch” the arrow notes only. But what should we do if those evil arrows flew baông xã & forth continuously when the stubborn name appearing on the left hand of the screen just wiggles and distracts us as much as possible? You will miss 1, 2, 3 và n arrows until Game-over.

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When you realize you’re not as dexterous as you think you are and also relize the màn chơi of “crazy” of the game … it was too late, just replay! (Luckily, we can trả lời right from the scene where we just “died”).

Interesting graphics in Friday Night Funkin

The graphics in the game are extremely attractive lớn me. How lớn say. It is “play”, but “funny chibi” yet a bit “dark” & extremely challenging. When I didn’t go through the game, I even thought this was a disguised horror game.


In Friday Night Funkin, vì chưng not imagine a dreamlượt thích character cast with rhythmic movements lượt thích today’s 3 chiều Mobile games, because Friday Night Funkin has absolutely no such thing. The characters, as well as the plot, are just shown on the screen with only a few movements of shaking hands, swaying, challenging faces. As for your boyfriend’s character, his face is sometimes excited, sometimes sad because he drops the beat or seems tense. The most important thing is the arrows & the rhythms flowing in your ears. Sounds simple? But simplicity makes a difference. It looks so fun, I promise!

No doubt about the quality of the music because it is incredibly cool và interesting

It is really really catchy. I don’t really lượt thích the bubble-princess or too-rochồng style, because I think what is too much seems lớn have no depth (just personal opinion, guys). When I bump inkhổng lồ this music game, it’s lượt thích “a fish meets water”. Cheer!

Download Friday Night Funkin APK không tính tiền for Android

Well, if you lượt thích it, just join me.

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I’ve sầu been playing this game for three nights. No game, no sleep!