Free hachồng cheats tools, codes menu (andoind/ ios), gift pass, Thủ đô New York City USA engine.Pet Alliance 2 cheat list:tK5oW8 - supreme gachaOcw5zN - ss grade skill bookbyyUzm - materialsD09iTX - evolvekzgCfb - enhance stonefDPr03 - unlimited energyXKR0hq - treasure chest0Pd9rr - diamonds boxHlBO5g - legendary petAiZn4w - offline modeI1Jduy - great mã code pachồng 20trăng tròn Hey, Dr. Frances says the alliance is giving away a new batch of pets. Let’s kiểm tra them out: Zupebởi vì - a water type pet, can evolve three times. It’s known for its skill called Bubble beam. It uses its head lớn block attachồng. Verdoe - it’s xinh đẹp tail can emit sweet scent, it can also measure humidity & temperature. Tygnite - despite its harmless appearance, it can easily bởi some serious damage.

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Battle: top area shows the opponents màn chơi và health points. Once their HP reaches 0, your pet wins. Bottom - this area shows your pet’s info. Your only goal is to win the battle. Two energy points are given before each round. Active sầu skills can only be triggered with a full energy bar. Power nguồn points will be given for every attaông xã your opponent throws at you. your special skills can only be triggered with a full power bar. The skill icon lights up when energy bar is full.

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Your power bar is full which means your special skill is ready for use. All special skills are powerful. Trainers in the past could use up lớn 6 pets at once. You just aquired an EXPhường potion và an enhance stone. Just rethành viên that EXPhường potion is the only tool for leveling up pet. You can raise a pet’s base stat through enhancement. Yours meets all the criteria for enhancement. Dr. Francis can help your Pramon to lớn inherit a mutated part of other pet at the lab.

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Wild Pet become capturable when they thất bại. The number on the upper left shows your number of chances at capturing one. You can switch pet any time during the battle. Evolve sầu, enhance, & nâng cấp your pets inkhổng lồ more powerful and complex forms. Learn life skills và trade in markets và create clan and team up with your buddies.

how to lớn enter hack cheats engine Pet Alliance 2 (khuyến mãi, coupon).

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Code number Cheat Haông xã title 1 sbG9ZB tăng cấp 2 J4u04E stat point 3 7QShNi coupon 4 ma4XBk promo code 5 wYXaRv gift box 6 1rtuj5 gold coins 7 ebjr8t month thẻ 8 BU7MGT premium paông xã 9 7CiCAS legendary gear 10 CLjPkV vip ticket 11 o5d5hQ gear pack

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Tip, game android gameplay secrets:game Play steps, Key Features:1. Later stages reward more experience.2. Water type pets are much stronger when it is rainy.3. Buddy cửa hàng controlled by a mystic organization, merchandise there are different time by time. 4. Sweeping a stage gives the maximum experience you can gain by clearing it manually.5. As long as you have sầu Panda, slash can be used both Panda in battle team or not.6. Sweeping a stage gives the maximum experience you can gain by clearing it manually.
Hachồng cheats tutorial Pet Alliance 2 (wiki):9QL1HC - supply boxSv5X2x - treasure chestYjKiA5 - multiplayeroftMmK - vip statuszkTKW3 - star tokensHack bG4W10 - artifactsCheat Y6af5k - evadePmuIAn - elite ticketLEW0DZ - exchange cheat codehow và where enter Author: SolariosPublished contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave sầu S, Thành Phố New York, NY 10003-1502, USCategories: GAMES HACK CHEATS